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A Drop

He Will Do It Someday

It does not really matter who is responsible for the disaster after the rain hit the racetrack in the late stages of the recent Formula One Grand Prix in Russia — Lando Norris deserved to win this race.

Of course, Lewis was faster, but Norris seemed to be in full control of the race, and Hamilton later confirmed it, saying that he was waiting for Lando's mistake. A mistake which he never made before the rain started. Everything that happened later… That's a different story. Different and very educational.

We are all clearly heard when Lando told his engineer to «shut up!» Some of us might even think that it came up over-confident a bit, but what else did you expect to hear? In the situation when yesterday's rookie is leading a race with a good chance to win it for the first time in his career, emotional pressure can be overwhelming.

When something like this happens — it's up to the team to take care of its driver. It is not necessary to do the same in the case of Daniel Ricciardo — he is an old and experienced killer, but it could be reasonable in the case of Lando Norris. It didn't happen. And you know what? In my opinion, everything they did — they did it right!

Yes, Lando took a shot and missed. Yes, he made a mistake. A mistake that he will never forget. Nor he, nor his team. And as a team here, I mean people who make that team, including Norris and his boss. Most of those people have never been in the situation of winning the race — Daniel Ricciardo did it just a week ago. For the first time in nine years after the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix, the final race of that season. Don't you forget about it!

No second victory in a row for McLaren yet. And they've lost around 20 points... But they've gained a great deal of experience. An experience that can only be earned in similar circumstances. An experience that is more valuable than points.

You might ask me, "what about team orders?" And I'll tell you — it won't do any good in this situation. Nothing can be easier than enforcing the team orders, bending the driver and making him do whatever you want on the track — as we know, it happens all the time. But not with everybody!..

It is essential to give young drivers a chance to screw up! Especially if we are talking about such a promising person, like Lando Norris.

Sooner or later, Lando Norris will grab his first victory in Formula One. In the long run, experience earned in Russia will benefit him and his team. The critical thing to remember is simple: knowledge comes with experience; broken spirit doesn't.

As of team orders… There are enough people to follow team orders in Formula One as is. Without breaking Lando Norris's neck. God forbid anyone in McLaren from giving birth to the second incarnation of Valtteri Bottas.

Even though I avoided blaming Lando for choosing the wrong pit strategy in Russia, you might have a different point of view. It would be interesting to hear from those who have an opinion on the matter. Don't hesitate to like or share this post, as well as follow my Facebook page!

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