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A Drop

Unhuman Rights of the Formula-1

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia: one of the most medieval and man-eating countries in the world, welcomes Formula One. They published a guide about how people should be dressed. Otherwise, the local population might run off the track in fear of someone's stinky shorts, I suppose... But I see a problem here, which isn't as funny as it seems with the dress code.

For two years in a row now, almost every race, our beloved drivers were supporting one thing or another, different movements, including human and women rights. I tend to do it myself from time to time, and it got me curious. I asked myself: what will our beloved drivers support there, surrounded by cutthroats?

The right of Saudi people to… To do what? To separate heads from the bodies in the Turkish embassy? The right to keep stoning people? Not the rosiest thoughts, I know, and still. I can't imagine Sebastian Vettel or Sir Lewis Hamilton supporting the LGBT community or transgender people over there in Saudi Arabia! Even if they should if they really mean it?

Fortunately, you know precisely what will happen. They will practice, qualify, start and drive! And we will sit and watch. Everybody will be happy, and nothing terrible will be done — it's going to be a great race, with a podium and winner. As for supporting people or movements? Hell no! Not in our world — in the world of double standards, you can find yourself very agile for a low price, and in Formula One, the price is high!

Nobody will stand up, saying: Saudi Arabia is not a place for a Formula One Grand Prix, and nothing, even the money they are willing to pay, can change it.

Do you know what the most embarrassing thing is? That you do expect something like this from a business people — greed is eternal after all. But drivers… At least that drivers who chose to show off with their involvement in different social problems, at least these people could protest? Just a little? Nobody will do it — they will race! And once they do, Formula-1 will destroy everything the sport was implying to stand for: equality, human rights, racing as one... Because it's either Saudi Arabia with everything included or human rights, with the same attachment.

The next step would be the Taliban Grand Prix of Afghanistan. What a joy!

Don't hesitate to join the conversation and share your thoughts with us. If it were you, what would be your course of action in similar circumstances? I would never land my feet over there, regardless the fact if I personally support any kind of movement or not. Why? Saudi Arabia, that's why!

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