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A Drop

We Stand Together

So many things happened during the last month! I forced myself to shut off reality and focus on one of my company's projects, with a couple of small breaks to watch Formula One — not even a live feed, just recordings. But it is what it is. It's Christmastime now, and here I am — catching up a little…

In my previous article about freedom and human rights in Saudi Arabia, I questioned Formula-1 drivers, sports administration and the community. Is it right to go there in the first place? And if so, wouldn't it be a shame, to race there keeping mum, especially in the light of what was declared before? You still remember that, do you? We race as one thingy, LGBT rights, and so on.

Not surprising at all, but I was right. What we've seen there is a peaceful and modern country, Natalie Pinkham and other familiar muzzles. F1 is fenced off the country of Saudi Arabia like it doesn't exist. Except for one person. Sir Lewis Hamilton! And my article obliges me to pay respects to him.

It seems that he was the only person who didn't forget about what he said before and supported everything he said, speaking out loud being over there. These days it becomes harder and harder to meet a person who is consistent with his beliefs and thoughts, and Hamilton happened to be one of them. Great job!

As for people who were joking about the ridiculous helmet that he's been wearing during three Middle East races, honestly, is that everything you can state? Not funny.

Speaking of the championship itself… Well, we've seen everything with the eyes open, that's why I prefer to keep my mouth shut.

The Flow

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