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A Drop

Bring them all in!

Sixty-nine million adults in China and Hong Kong are considering immigrating to Canada, according to a recent survey. And many of them will settle in Richmond, according to Ken Tung, the former chair of SUCCESS, an immigrant services organization.

Just a sixty-nine million more? Why not bring the whole population of China here, alongside their leader and communist party? Pretty sure it will be an amusing enterprise.

We can even share our beloved, precious, overpriced apartments with them! It was so easy to get one on the outskirts! Don't you think?

As soon as all these 69 mils arrive, we will learn Chinese... And maybe, just maybe, one day, we all be able to read what the heck is written on posters in that damn Richmond?.. I do not! My friends either. It's a different world to us.

"I hope Canadians to understand why they are coming here. Hong Kongers are willing to work hard and are more than happy to contribute to the Canadian economy," added Tung.

Oh! Sure! Have you ever been to Crystal Mall at Burnaby? They trade for pure cash over there, and nobody cares. This is what I call a contribution to the Canadian economy.

As a Canadian citizen, I would ask you. Do you really want it to happen? Even in the light of all-encompassing human love, which is now kind of trendy?

Please, share your thoughts about it in the comments! Also, do not forget to like my Facebook page and subscribe to my YouTube channel. It helps. A lot!

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