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A Drop

Oh, reservoir...

A mega water main that was due to be installed through Coquitlam this year is now expected to start in 2022, according to Metro Vancouver.

Oh, baby, it will be messy all over the city... But, even though it will, projects like this must be done. Water is life! Alongside new hospitals, roads, sky trains and so on.

By the way, since the Sky Train construction in Coquitlam, I have a question. Can anyone explain to me — was it vital to cut all the trees around Pinetree Way? Or was it easier instead of building a damn train route above the road? The question is rhetorical, of course.

Anyways, the project is starting in 2022 and is supposed to be finished and commissioned in 2029.

Are you ready for the whole seven years of traffic jams and dirt? I am! Pretty sure it will be fun!

The Flow

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