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A Drop

Looting no Shooting...

A Durban resident tells the BBC he is struggling for food and medicine after so many shops were looted.

First of all! With all due respect — any movement, any protests protecting anything or anyone from the "evil" people should not be followed by looting! A very popular word nowadays. A word used to cover robberies, destruction and violence.

The situation South Africa got in is stinky. The reason? The best one you can imagine — imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma. I can't say he is 100% clean. Speaking of crooks — I can't say that about any of the leaders we have these days. So what?..

Frankly, I don't care if Zuma's arrest is legit or not. The thing I really do care about is why all these people are allowed to enjoy impunity during their raids on the city streets?

Looting as a part of a protest movement! The new normality that was promised to us. Great perspective! May I ask a rhetorical question: what will happen next?..

Robberies, destruction and violence! People who behave the way they did in South Africa, people, destroying history monuments here, in Canada... All these people around the world who are covering their crimes with protests and protecting their rights by oppressing the rights of others...

I don't know about you, but personally, I can't support anything they are protesting for, even if they are right in some way! It looks like a huge anti-civilization movement to me, nothing else!

And what about you? Do you support looting in South Africa? In the USA? In your city? In your store? I'll be pleased to hear from you in the comments!

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