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A Drop

Hot news...

As Earth warms, Canada is facing not only more frequent heatwaves but higher nighttime temperatures. That combination is potentially deadly.

As it usually happens these days, any article about so-called "climate change" starts very bravely!

— When it comes to climate change, there is one fairly well-understood extreme that will affect humans in the decades to come: heat.

At the same time, the good old term "global warming" seems to be disappearing from the media agenda. Do you know why this is happening? Let me explain a bit.

Being a reasonable person, I strongly agree: yes, the climate is changing. Yes, it will affect all of the Earth's population... That is all correct. What is bugging me here is that scientists aren't sure yet if it will be real warming or the planet is warming up a little just before entering the next ice age era.

I'm not kidding — almost half of the scientists agreed with an ice age theory, and personally, I can't say which part of the science community is right. I'm not a professional. What I can say for sure is that both sides are capable of deceiving the general population and sponsors. This is what happened with "the global warming," by the way! As soon as they realized that it's not actually warming, they changed the term. How convenient!

The media drags a bit behind the science with all these terrible stories about how higher temperatures will affect fish in the sea and how people can't handle temperatures more than 30 degrees... And so on, and so on, and so on!..

Fight with climate change, they are saying. Not a word about adjustment to the new conditions. Not a word about getting closer to "air-conditioned culture," nothing about changing personal environment. Nothing. Only appeals to fight with the planet Earth, CO2, and such — the system that was here billions of years before us and will be here billions of years later.

Do you know why I'm annoyed with this? It seems that nobody cares about people anymore, even in the press. We forgot about these things somewhere along the road. There is a whole planet to save — no one will carry about you! Except you...

The recipe is simple, though. Read, learn, adjust to the new conditions and take care of yourself because nobody will.

Keep it cool, my friends and don't forget to like my Facebook page and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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