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A Drop

Pride at Home...

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking away the iconic Pride parade for another year, people are celebrating in different ways this year.

For the second year in a row Pride Parade in Vancouver was cancelled because of COVID-19.

Is it me, or this "pandemic" issue is getting more and more annoying? Don't get me wrong here — but this modern illness of ours is taking a suspiciously long time to deal with. It's like everyone around was sitting and waiting for something like this to happen... And right after it happened, they just can't let it go. Disgusting!

In accordance with Andrea Arnot, they are holding a "decentralized" parade today.

We’re encouraging people to celebrate Pride in a way that’s meaningful and safe for them. So, whether they’re sitting in their backyard and having a picnic, or if they want to march down their own sidewalk with flags, but to take up space and be out and loud and proud because that’s what the parade is about.
Andrea Arnot
Vancouver Pride Society

Let's just hope we won't hear anything about this disease next year! Not sure, though, why I am so naive to even think about that. The forces behind all the restrictions are very, very strong, not to say more.

Summarizing the topic — enjoy the ride at home, once more... At the end of the day, it is better safe than sorry.

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