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A Drop

Human rights... Not!

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau rules out accommodations for unvaccinated travellers, says unvaccinated will not be permitted to board domestic flights, travel on trains.

I'm not even talking about human rights here. Come on. Human rights are out of the question today — we gave up all those rights a while ago. Not sure when exactly did this happen — but it did, and it's a fact. This fact belongs entirely to the "new normal" way of life. I wouldn't say I like it.

It's very sad to observe how a modern and advanced society slowly transforms into a silent herd. It deeply hurts my feelings when I realize that I'm becoming unwillingly witness to this transformation. Every aspect of modern life is either already controlled by something or modestly awaits in the line for its turn.

With new rules announced by the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, we can all agree that your Freedom of Movement right will be restricted... In case, of course, he is re-elected. You may ask about the reason, but let's be honest. We are all aware of the reason.

Unless people have a medical exception, they will not be able to board a plane or a train in Canada if they are unvaccinated.
Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada

I am sorry, but this raises some questions. Questions might be rhetorical, but it doesn't make those questions less important.

Please, tell me how the leader of any political structure can call himself a liberal after he talks about restricting the rights of the people to move across the country? Or is it some kind of a "new liberal" by analogy with "new normal?"

«Only this way we can protect our people,» — you are saying. Does it mean that today it is acceptable to protect people by restricting their rights, whether it is travelling restrictions for those who aren't vaccinated or a mandatory vaccination for everybody? The proposal here is undoubtedly clear — all we have to do is wait for another step when these restrictions are extended to car travellers.

If we are "okay" with rights restrictions, please explain why it wasn't done before? Why did all these protective measures suddenly become so necessary now and not at the beginning of the year or earlier? We could win the fight with COVID-19 long ago by closing up everything, limiting movement, vaccinating everybody by force... How many deaths could we avoid with extraordinary measures, like those in China? Is there anyone responsible?

It seems that back in January or even earlier, they couldn't force all these things because, in a way, people weren't ready. While today, they are not only convinced that they "can" do it — more than that, they are pretty much sure that they "have to" do it. And nobody will complain this time! People are tired of the pandemic, of masks, of everything!..

So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause.
Padme Amidala
Senator of Galactic Republic

Nobody will answer these rhetorical questions except me. Unless, maybe, you can add something by leaving a comment and liking my Facebook page?

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