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A Drop

Deception factory!

Speaking of distorted reality!.. Feel the difference in behaviour between media representatives and local residents after Hurricane Ida hits the US.

A small example of how fake news is crafted took place in Louisiana, United States. Please take a look at this fantastic illustration of a propaganda machine and its representatives. How hard they are trying to stay on their feet because of the raging wind!

Is there someone from Hollywood reading me here? Give these guys an Oscar! It is supposed to be awarded to best actors — fellas are definitely deserved it. Decorations are incredible too! Somebody flipped that trash container, after all. How can we overlook that?

Is it just me, or do you also agree that these guys exaggerate the scale of the disaster a bit?.. As usual, the question is rhetorical.

A great example of deception is provided to you by a weather storm. The most unfortunate thing here is that these kinds of actions repeal the efforts of others, even if these others are telling the whole truth.

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