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A Drop

Coming Soon: Vegan by Force

Canteens at Berlin's universities will offer mainly vegan and vegetarian meals from next term as part of a push to make menus more climate-friendly.

It seems like yesterday, we were talking about movement restrictions and illness cards. Today we went a bit further and talk about climate-friendly menus! Do you know what this means? They are ready to take full responsibility and decide what you are personally is going to eat tomorrow. Finally!...

«Students will be able to order meals from menus that are 68% vegan, 28% vegetarian, and just 4% meat and fish from the start of October.»

Can you smell a bit of madness in the quote above? Very good! It's not another joke but a part of our new reality. Fortunately — everything is happening in Berlin, Germany. Or should it be a different term here? Unfortunately? Mostly because we are all aware of different medical experiments, including a forced diet, practiced in progressive Europe almost a century ago...

They already control all our money. They are unquestionably in the process of getting our freedom under control. They are planning to control what we eat. Fantastic perspective!

«Government-approved food plan! For you and your family. Today — in German universities, tomorrow — in your neighbourhood.»

When will this happen, and will it happen at all? Those questions are still open to discussion. But, in one thing, we can be certain — they will never stop trying and could succeed at some point... After that? Well, as I always keep saying here — one step is more than enough.

Do not hesitate to share your opinion with the community! It doesn't even matter if you are against forced diet or, the same vile way as I am, looking forward to government-approved food plans. :)

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