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A Drop

It's Election Day, $username

I have been trying to avoid writing anything about elections for the past two weeks. But today, some Facebook script kindly asked me to encourage page followers to vote and share why voting matters.

Well, friends, I was trying. Today is the late night of September 20th which means that big Election Day in Canada is over, polls are closed, and you know what? If you want to know my opinion — the latest elections campaign showed that there is nobody to chose from…

If we take so-called "old faces," tell me, how can you give away your vote for any representative of the current cabinet? Keeping in mind all these things they achieved, such as inflation, foreign debt, Keystone pipeline cancellation, slow and indecisive reaction on pandemics, WE Charity scandal, you name it.

If we take a look at the "new faces," the opposition...

First of all, they aren't that new. Tell me, who doesn't know O'Toole, Singh or Quebec nationalist Blanchet?

Secondly, there is nothing new in their programs or in the programs of their local representatives — I received loads of political advertising in the past month. All I see is a bunch of slogans, good old slogans from the nineties, about a better future for everybody.

Thirdly, all of them, all the parties are kind of in a centre. Some are centre-left, some are centre-right, but all are dancing around the same points of interest.

According to the media, it seems that Trudeau and his Liberals will keep the power in their hands for the time being, which is acceptable… probably. In reality, where it doesn't matter who you elect, it might be reasonable to choose a safe and proven path?

At least with Liberals keeping the government, we can hope to avoid unnecessary shocks during the transition phase at this challenging period in our history. Alas, that's all I can think about today. No progress, no development, no bright future. Get ready to further increase in foreign debt, inflation, stagnation and so on.

I am sorry, Facebook, I really do, but I can't encourage any of my readers to go and give away their vote for the current political establishment — there are not enough logical reasons to do so for me. Vote with your heart this time, and who knows, maybe it will be very different in the future.

Please, share your opinion about the latest Canadian elections in the comments. Is there anyone you personally support, and why? What improvements can be made in candidates and party platforms? I'll be glad to read all about it.

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