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A Drop

Today's Jackpot: Freedom

Just imagine it! The pinnacle of motorsports — Formula One. Max Verstappen battling for the championship at his home race — the Dutch Grand Prix, which wasn't on the calendar for years. Thousands of fans from all over the country — the Orange Army. And COVID-19 restrictions!.. Restrictions, which this time, can serve as another shiny example of government-driven nonsense if you allow me to use this term.

For the country of the Netherlands, it was The Race! With their own driver behind the wheel, fighting for the world championship title for the first time in history. Not surprising that tickets to that race were sold out almost instantly. Tickets were sold to vaccinated people only, which is reasonable, and the motorsport event was scheduled showing no signs of trouble…

Right before some bright-minded person remembered that we were in the middle of pandemics — this is where all the fun started! Authorities came up with an idea to limit race attendance a bit, so COVID-19 won't spread around even more. As a result of this brainstorm, they decided to recall 33% of all the tickets using a lottery, so every third person was denied visiting the race.

Now take a good look at what happened in the Netherlands, and don't say I didn't warn you. The thing they did there seems to be small and unimportant, but it is a big mistake to think that way.

They did it not because it was necessary — photos of the crowd during the race weekend speak for themselves — it's a hotbed for any disease with or without restrictions.

They did it not to protect people — people from the crowd were already vaccinated and properly branded like obedient cattle.

So tell me, why? Why they did it with that poor 33% of race fans? I'll tell you why! Simply because they can! 

Why does any advanced civilization seek to destroy less advanced one? Because the land is strategically valuable, because there are resources that can be cultivated and exploited, but most of all, simply because they can.
Narn Ambassarod G'Kar
Babylon 5

Do you see my point here? Now. They. Can. Fortunately, only in the Netherlands, for now... All these people with their vaccination passports were disqualified in their rights. Immediately after, someone in government decided to do so!.. With a restriction lottery! Today's prize is a ticket that won't be taken away. Tomorrow — anything you can imagine.

As a matter of speaking, it isn't a government fault — people gave up their fundamental rights in exchange for something called by politicians safety. But what is hidden behind this "safety" word? In the case I brought here, it is definitely not the "safety" from being exposed to COVID-19. It looks like something else. It's like a verse from the very, very different song. Be wary!

As usual, please, share your opinion in the comments — it's interesting to know what you think about this particular example? What about our beloved Canada? Should we follow the trend as we do now, or maybe it is better to stop and look around? Don't you agree that even if everybody around is doing something, it does not necessarily mean they are right?

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