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A Drop

From Heroes to Zeroes!

My recent post about the lack of medical personnel in the healthcare system definitely hit the right spot. Great! Let's talk about last year's heroes and what they become today.

As they usually do, people preoccupied with other peoples' business started to share their advice on how medical personnel should be reasonable. Get vaccinated and keep working — they say from around. Without a bit of understanding, this whining is like earwax — no matter what you do, it always keeps coming, like it or not. Just in case you do not fully understand the issue, let me explain it a bit more for those interested.

The issue is the lack of medical personnel! It hasn't just popped up because of the latest pandemics of ours. It was there long before and will be there after the COVID-19 becomes a scary Internet meme from the past.

The thing is not about vaccinations at all! The percentage of unvaccinated people working in hospitals is hardly higher than two percent. Some of those people are excused because of medical reasons; others, of course, are not doing it by choice, which is their right, in my opinion.

The issue is that upcoming vaccination-related firing can be a straw that broke the camel's back. People are holding the line in the hospitals since this COVID-19 bullshit started back in 2019.

Back then, when sick, scared and dying patients needed care aids, nurses, technicians, doctors, and others — all of them were called heroes! Nobody asked these people if they wanted to go into the covid boxes wrapped in garbage bags (in the photo) without any vaccination shots at all. And frankly, there were not that many people saying "no" to this. I'm pretty sure there were such cases, and these people quit their profession on their own. But majority? The majority went in and saved lives. Back then...

Today? Today the same people are facing oppression. It's sad that not only from the authorities but from these activists of different kinds. Heroes? They aren't heroes anymore. More like annoying union workers who are already getting too much.

It's not about vaccination at all! It's about choices that have to be made during the crisis. Choices that can be right, choices that can be wrong. In the "nurses case", choices are wrong... and it seems that everyone is okay with it… Meaning that they are fine with the fact that a single nurse can work at a cardiac site for 16 hours in a row, while there must be as many as three of them by the book.

Let me ask you this. Would you prefer to be served by a tested and clean unvaccinated nurse right away or a fully-vaccinated one in, let's say, eight hours? Don't rush and think about this question because the answer can be surprisingly different — depending on why you ended up in a hospital: with an owie on your toe or heart failure. The latter aren't always able to answer…

In the end, I feel obliged to thank you all for your likes, shares and comments. Keep it up, guys! In addition, I remind you that the reception desk is open! There you can share your information or interesting links to grab attention to any issue you might feel necessary to discuss. Thanks.

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