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A Drop

Keep Calm and Get Vaccinated

An anti-vaxxer shot his brother pharmacist to death because of coronavirus. The crazy fellow was obsessed with the idea that government poisons people and decided that his brother was a part of a big pharma conspiracy.

That is why he went to his brother's home to talk and took a gun with him, probably just in case. A "case" presented itself shortly. Our hero shot his brother, brother's wife and even neighbour granny.

A great example of how our own ignorance and fear can lead us into madness. Poor people. Nothing to add here except maybe...

Keep calm and get vaccinated!

I'm pretty sure many "on the top" might and will benefit from all this pandemics situation. Some will get money; some will get power, some both. Oh my, these guys will put their hand in the trough as soon as they can — it won't be a surprise, take a look at our prime minister and his lectures. Nothing new here — the rich will get richer, as usual. But!..

Have you ever heard the expression "People are the new oil?" Now you did. We are the new oil, and nobody will run around trying to catch your precious arse to do experiments or, God forbid, kill you. You are their new life resource, and if you are a conspiracy theory fan, you have to admit: destroying this resource can't be a part of a plan. Once again, even there is a plan, it wasn't created to destroy you - their only resource left.

For those who might get the impression that I speak against vaccines, I hasten to disappoint you. Being an advocate of the human rights to choose: how to live, whom to sleep with, what to do for a living, and so on, I include the right to decide whether to be vaccinated or not on the list. I am confident it still has to be a choice, even if it's a tough one and everybody around says otherwise.

At the same time, I'm a very tech-oriented person and never doubted the technology behind the injections they offer us. Knowing and reading a bit more, I might call new shots a genetic patch instead, but that's it. Like it or not - it's our future! Don't be frightened by the future! After all, all the technologies we use today were invented at some point. Many of those technologies were met by people in the same, confronting way. Especially all the kinds of vaccines.

Another thing is how everything is and was done and promoted. In one word: terrible! The disgusting way of how everything's done reminds me only of one thing — of how decadent our governments are: Lost in the situation, slow-reacting, constantly arguing, planning to fight yesterday's enemies in yesterday's wars...

And you are saying these people have a plan to rob you of your life with a syringe? Really? Come on!

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